About Me


I am a singer/songwriter that lives on the front range of the Rocky Mountains, close enough to Denver to be part of the sprawl, but far enough out to be considered suburb.

Music has always been a big part of my life, always a part of my journey's fabric. It has accompanied me on climbs to sunny peaks of highs, and on plunges to the coldest, darkest depths of lows. Mostly though, it just plays while I travel in between.

My earliest memories are of waking up to the radio to wave goodbye to my dad as he left for work and of making cardboard instruments for my GI Joes and playing "shows" with them, the cassette recorder playing the both the music and the role of the grand piano (Elton's) my GIs used on tour.

I eventually picked up a real guitar, and I've never looked back. The desire to play my music for folks has always been there, but it competed with various priorities throughout the years, and I wasn't sure that I would ever truly pursue this desire seriously.

A magical swim with a turtle became a catalyst of personal change for me, and the growth from those changes has led me to this point, ready to share what brings me peace and joy.

What do I do besides singing and songwriting? I also enjoy the great outdoors playing disc golf, hiking, camping, fishing, listening to live music and sitting on a patio with friends and family when the weather's warm.

When it's too chilly, I also enjoy playing games, reading, binge watching shows and doing puzzles. If truly pushed, I'll confess to blurring the lines between warm and cold, but it's all in the privacy of my own home.

We all have our own individual struggles and victories, yet the emotions that they evoke in us are the same. May your experiences with these songs, these words and these insights, bring you the same joy and peace that they have me.