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I’ve heard a beat my whole life. And whether it’s been the melodies I hear playing through my head, or sonic blasts absorbed from others generous enough to share what flows through theirs, my life has always had a soundtrack.

In high school, I was on the path to being one of those souls who shared the voices in my head with others, but as Mr. (John) Lennon astutely pointed out, life did indeed occur while I was making other plans.

Having had a long successful backup career (thanks Mom & Dad for the parental advice), I find that the reverse has now happened, and while I was busy living life, other plans occurred!

The result is that a mostly unique, rarely perfect, human (M.U.R.P.H.) is sharing the voices heard in their head, and this site is the official home of that endeavor.

It is my sincere hope that the content shared is at the minimum entertaining to you, but hopefully, I hope that it ultimately helps to inspire you to shine your true light into the world.

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Hailing from the great state of colorful Colorado, the front range of the Rocky Mountains offer a backdrop of beauty for the activities and pursuits of everyday life. 

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