“There’s something happening here, what it is …” – Stephen Stills

Most folks embark on a journey knowing a bit about where they are headed. They’ve normally spent a lot thought and consideration in order to book the trip, and of course the accompanying opinions & expectations about that travel. Whether you’re headed to the beach, that new work location, back home, or anywhere else, there’s one thing we share: we are headed somewhere!

Maybe you are one of the lucky few who’s travels always go as planned, but for those still searching for that four-leaf clover, it’s usually a leap of faith that all will go well. We step out into the unknown with the hope that at the end of the trip, we are somehow going to look back on the experience, the total experience, and it will all be worth it.

We hope that once we’re home, we will reflect on the experience and at best, we will be left with great memories of remarkable experiences, and stories to share with all who want to listen (and let’s be honest, some who don’t). As we share, we’ll embellish, adding a little drama, the spice of life. If all goes to holy hell, we’ll still have stories to share, they just reflect a different tenor. That is, of course, if we want to share them at all.

That is kind of what is going on right now for me. I’ve been on a musical trip of mixed success, at least in what qualifies as success to me.  My plan (musically) for the last 2+ years, has been to produce an “album” of my own music and then begin to play out behind it. I originally thought it best to have the album completed before I begin performing, but that is a limit that I no longer want to place on myself.

See, the songs are written, and most who’ve heard what I’ve shared (limitedly) also seem to like them, but I don’t have my album recorded yet. There has been a steep learning curve for me for sound engineering. The ultimate goal is to play live, however, so I am changing the plan.

Ideally, this site was always meant to be more than just the music, where I use this platform to share my personal experiences and thoughts as well. Kind of like a giant, growing set of liner notes, but instead of only focusing on the songs, it can cover any part of my life. I hope the offerings that I make cause more good than harm, and want them, wish them maybe, to bring hope to others. I hope that sharing the pursuit of my dream inspires someone to get out of their comfort zone, to do the same thing.

As an individual, I want to have closer connections to the communities I choose to belong to. I want to challenge myself, and others, to be the best version of ourselves that we can, while still giving our individual selves the grace to be the frail humans we all are. I believe there is a value in standing firm in one’s beliefs, not afraid to listen to a different side, with a kindness that can draw people in, rather than push them away. After all, we all have the same basic needs and desires, and experience similar pains and joys, which ultimately lead to similar motivations.

In closing, I do what I do because I love it, and I am sharing what I do in the hopes of crossing your mind fondly when you think of me, even if we never end up meeting face to face. I’ve learned this is called influencing, and I am excited to be on this journey. I hope that my words make you think, and that my music makes you dance.



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